I am an Associate Professor of Economics at the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), New Delhi. Currently, I work on data and analytics in healthcare where my mission is to “Convert Data into Information for Optimal Decision Making.” In this endeavor, I have partnered with large public and private health institutions to help improve performance in terms of resource utilization, Anti-microbial stewardship, etc. I have also collaborated with a research think tank to democratize health related information by creating a Health monitor index – a tool to assess government performance at the level of a district. My research papers have been published in international academic journals such as BMJ Open, Journal of Human Hypertension (Nature), Management Science, Journal of Econometrics, Review of Economics and Statistics, Regional Science and Urban Economics, Journal of Financial Intermediation, Economic and Political Weekly, World Economy, Journal of Asian Economics, and BE Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy. I have a PhD in Economics from University of Maryland in College Park, USA and an MA in Economics from Delhi School of Economics.